Second to Last Entry

Saturday, Sept. 20, 2003 - 3:53 p.m.

Okay, so. . . I didn't realize so many people were having problems with my stupid new comments system, so I decided, all right, screw this--I'm moving to Livejournal:

That's it, the end, after nearly three years of continuous writing here on Diaryland. Bye bye. Go read me on my Livejournal.

. . .

Reasons, if you care:

The above URL will be the URL for now, unless I decide to buy LJ membership, which is much cheaper, in which case I'll have, but I haven't bought it yet, so don't use it.

I'm quitting Diaryland because SuperGold membership got too expensive, and I couldn't find another satisfactory comments system after I ended my SuperGold. Besides which, the comments system with SuperGold wasn't the greatest anyhow, so might as well move to LJ's better one. If the comments thing were solved, I'd still be using Diaryland.

I didn't want to use Livejournal at first because

a) pages aren't permanently static like Diaryland, so will create some problems in terms of finding this sucker through Google,

b) all the entries are on the same page, weblog format, which I find gross, and this is why I considered using Diary-X instead, and

c) signing up isn't easy anymore--you have to either pay, or be referred, and hence, this means less people will have be on their buddy list/subscriptions/friends page/etc. which means less readers. This is one of the reasons I considered using Xanga instead.

But these (with the exception of (c), but (c) was a shallow reason after all) are just sort of stylistic things, and the simple fact of the matter is, Livejournal is DAMNED powerful and has lots of features and is more stable and less buggy than nearly everyone else, since it's open source, and has been around for ages, etc. It doesn't have Diary-X's nifty substitutions feature, but oh well, I've lived without it for the past three years, I can last longer.

Anyway, the only problem now is, I have to remember to sign into this account every three months or something, or else Diaryland will take Waffle Wonderland offline, and I'd like to keep this thing up for reference. So uh, remind me every 3 months. =p

And that's the other thing. With my free account on LJ, I won't be able to call my journal "Waffle Wonderland" or anything, and can't customize as much about the design, for free, as I could here--here, I could customize EVERYTHING about the design, it was great.

Anyway, there's lots of cons, and in the past, for my purposes, Diaryland would have been better. But now, I have new goals for my webjournal, and so... Livejournal it'll have to be.

Hm, this was too clumsy a last entry. I'll write a new one to be the last.

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